Improve Your Online Sales With eMarketing

We all know that advertising your company online is an absolutely must. If you’re a business analyst or similar professional, you will understand the importance of using technology to benefit the business. If you’re not online, you may as well not exist. There are so many things you can do that fall under “eMarketing”, and not every strategy is right for every type of business. The trick is that you need to test these strategies to see which ones work for you and your company and garner the most profits. Online marketing is not a cut and dry, one size fits all form of marketing. According to, companies should be testing different strategies to see what works. Read on to find out how you can increase your online sales.

1. Product placement matters

Let’s say you offer five services. Take one of these service offerings and place it on your website’s homepage. It has been found that many people prefer to see fewer products or services with a bit more copy describing the service. Try and use the service or product that you find to be the most popular – don’t try and sell something that hasn’t had much result in the past.

2. Get people onto your mailing list

Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell online, so build up a list of subscribers by making your opt-in field on your website prominent. It is found that the top left of the page is the most looked-at part of a website, so place it here. Add an offer to make it more enticing, such as “Subscribe now and get 10% off.”

3. Headlines are key

When writing the headline for your sales copy, try and place some important benefits into it. If you have software that will save you time, having a headline like “Find out why so many Moms are saving time with this software”, will draw in readers and potential customers.

4. Highlight how your product solves a problem

Your customer needs to know right off the bat why it is that they need your product. So it is important to include this in your opening paragraph. Once you have established the problem that your customer may be experiencing, you then go into the reasons why your service or product will solve these problems. They will then need your product and you will see better sales.

5. People like to hear from other people

When people land on your website, they may simply scan over the copy and think “How do I know if this will really work?” The key here is to bring in comments and testimonials from other clients. Pull quotes from your customers who have sung your praises and people will automatically have more faith in your product. Word of mouth is powerful.

6. Divide your copy into bite-sized chunks

No one wants a wall of text to read. But dividing up your copy into little paragraphs with well-written headings will help those who simply skimming over your site to get all the right info and benefits of your product.