Great news! iPhone 6 coming soon!

Great news! iPhone 6 coming soon!


It seems as if the early part of 2014 has brought with it plenty of good news about new smartphones on the market. From the Nokia Lumia “Martini”, to the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, and now there are plenty of confirmed and unconfirmed rumours about the new iPhone 6. With the iPhone having released the 5, 5S and 5C, it’s about time that they scooted on up to the next digit. With so many releases in such a short space of time, the consumer market has high expectations of the new features that could potentially be packed into the iPhone 6. Here’s what the spreading rumours had to say:

1. New design

With so many new phones coming to the market and consumers patiently waiting to upgrade their cell phone contracts in time to scoop up one of the newer handsets, the iPhone 6 needs to offer something special in order to make it worth the wait. One of those things is a bigger screen. It’s something that iCustomers have been demanding for a long time, and something that Apple has acknowledged, yet has curiously not given its customers until now. Rumour has it that one of the improvements that the iPhone 6 will offer is a change in design – one element of Apple’s brand language that has remained fast up to now.

2. Release date

It’s not known exactly when in 2014 the iPhone 6 will be launched, but we all know it’s coming. This year is also the first release of iOS 8 – the one update that Apple customers will be grateful to implement on their gadgets. Another rumour is the Apple will also release another iPhablet at around the same time as the release of iPhone 6. It’s not unlike Apple to put these surprises out to market, but we’ll have to see whether the rumours hold any water. However, since Apple’s previous launches have taken place in the month of September, Apple watchers are keeping their eyes open for a September 2014 release date.

3. Specs?

We’re anticipating a better display on the new iPhone 6 and perhaps even gesture control, so you can sign at your phone in order to engage with it. The new phone is expected to be a lot thinner than its predecessors, thanks to the improvements in LED backlighting technology in the screen, so now Apple can compete with the sleek, flat look of the likes of Samsung phones.

There are plenty of possibilities in terms of specs for the phone, such as a wrap-around screen, hidden cameras and sensors, and even wireless charging. Will they all feature in the iPhone 6? Perhaps we should wait until September…