Avoid the Malls, Shop from Home

As the year draws to an end, and everyone waits for company-shutdown with bated breath the only thing marring this reprieve is the thought of busy shopping malls; fighting through throngs of people trying to find the perfect gift for loved ones, long queues at the checkout and parking lots that if you manage to get out without a scratch on your vehicle or an altercation as someone steals your parking spot, you can count yourself lucky.

However, with the likes of “Doing all my Christmas shopping online today. I am going to try and not enter a Mall this festive season. Hope I get it right!” appearing as status updates, it seems according to Twitter and Facebook users that consumers are planning on staying out of shopping malls this festive season, preferring to do their gift shopping online.

What are the top ten items on the e-Commerce Festive Gift List for 2010?

Based on uPrice.co.za most popular searches, stockings will be full of:

1. Blackberry
2. Xbox 360
4. Garmin
5. Kindle
6. PS3
7. iPod
8. Gas Braai
9. iPad
10. Netbook

uPrice has over 20 million products, making it one of the largest Shopping Comparison Websites in South Africa.

With more and more consumers getting on the online shopping bandwagon, e-Commerce stores have experienced a 20% growth during the last year. Good news for e-Commerce in SA, bad news for shopping malls.

Be smart this Festive Season and get online to get your gift shopping done hassle free, leaving you more time to relax and rejuvenate this festive season with your nearest and dearest.